As a person I am there for other people and my curious nature drives me to pursue a wide variety of interests and hobbies. I believe in mindfully living in the present moment and that I should be there for myself in the first place; after all, if I don’t take good care of myself it will be difficult to be truly there for others as well. The same goes for my interests and hobbies; if I am not present while doing the things I love, be it designing games, leading a team or reading a book, it will be difficult to give them the attention they deserve, let alone enjoy truly.


I’m a calm and structured person, creative in thought and passionate in execution. I often visit museums, go for a walk/hike, socialize, or do something with or for the people I love; like cooking which I do passionately and daily. I also like to read, watch documentaries or a nice series/film.  As a morning person I like to work out in the morning, so I feel more fit and focussed during the entire day and meditate afterwards to self-reflect and make sure I’m making the right choices for the right reasons.



I love games but weirdly I don’t play many games. My love for them comes from a different angle than most; people. It’s fun to play a game and be immersed in it, but what interests me most is the emergent behaviour games evoke. How rules can create a system in which the players of the game behave in different ways and how we can steer that behaviour as designers to create fun & learning.


So as a game designer I’m driven to create and to understand & help people. I believe deeply understanding people,and their ‘problem’, is necessary to help them and to create something which truly has the intended effect; the solution, be it entertainment, education, or a persuasive intent.


This desire to understand (or learn) is fundamental to my drive to create and be creative. It fuels my passion for design because if I design something which works, it (often) means my understanding is correct; I’ve learned something which I think I a crucial part of fun both for me, and the player.



As a game producer I enable people to create and I bring the team together. Every team members need to feel safe, able to speak up and feel like he’s adding value. A game producer has to provide structure and consistency to the team while enabling them with the creative freedom to create and  drive them to meet the project requirements. After all creativity is born from the constraints set by their surroundings.


Happiness and a  feeling of togetherness is vital for a team to perform well and consistently in a creative setting and as such it’s something I actively work towards. Having a connection with your teammates doesn’t only increases fun on the work floor but also makes the tasks itself intrinsically more fun and it also helps developers to go the extra mile when needed because team members care and are more committed to each other and the project.



- Creative & innovative

- Pro-active & passionate

- Structured & systematic

- Calm & thorough

- Patient & stress resistant

- ADD under control

- Dyslectic

- Colourblind





Bram Heijligers

Game Designer, Producer, Academic

Rotterdam, The Netherlands